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MIMAKI JFX Plus 1631/1615 Flatbed Inkjet Printer
MIMAKI JFX Plus 1631/1615 Flatbed Inkjet Printer

MIMAKI JFX Plus 1631/1615 Flatbed Inkjet Printer

Part Number:MIMAKI JFX Plus 1631/1615

High Speed

As standard, JFX plus series is now equipped with a post-curing unit that cures the print after its first exposure by UV LEDs thus enabling nearly double the print speed as previous models. Print service providers can now cater to their clients' needs for fast turnarounds, quick changes and short run orders while at the same time increasing productivity and efficiency.

print speeds

*The speed charts above are in conditions of printing with CMYK.
Print speed varies according to substrate.

[Post-curing unit] High speed UV ink curing
Post-curing unit
Post-curing unit
Max print size 1,600mm×2,700mm with post-curing unit

Please note that when using the post-curing unit for high speed printing and curing, maximum print size is shortened by 150 mm (front), 250 mm (back) and 400 mm (total). The printer automatically switches sizes when post-curing is selected. Therefore please make sure to adhere to the maximum print sizes according to your selected print and curing mode.
(The image on the left shows the maximum print size without post-curing)

Existing JFX-1631/1615 printers

JFX-1631/1615 printers can be upgraded to JFX plus series by installing the post-curing optionally.Please contact your service engineer for further details.

High Accuracy

IMS for highly detailed and accurate prints

The new head positioning mechanism uses high resolution linear scale for fine step accuracy of dot placement.This results in far fewer banding artifacts and even the possibility to print legible 3pt characters.

Examples of dot placement

High resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and variable drops

High image quality is achieved by utilizing a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi and variable dot sizes. Even printing in 4-color mode realizes a non-grainy print, thus prints show smooth gradations and highly detailed images.

1,200×1,200 dpi
Variable dot technology

Ink variation

Different UV inks cater to your requirements

LH-100 UVインク


[Features] High scratch and chemical resistance, superior coloration.
[Main Appli-cations] Flat surfaces, acrylic and aluminum compound boards, styrene boards, CCNB etc.

LF-200 UVインク

LF-140 / 6 Color (K,C,M,Y,Lc,Lm) + W * LH-100 clear ink can be used together.

[Features]Gradation reproducibility is improvedwith light color inks.Ink flexibility gives the printed media bendability.
[Main Appli-cations] Soft plastic, leather, panel, POP and package

LF-140 UVインク


[Features] 200% elasticity, suitable for embossing and other post-processing tasks.
[Main Appli-cations] Flat and uneven surfaces, vehicle wraps, vinyl chloride film, packaging, banners etc

* As ink flexibility of LF-200 ink and LF-140 ink vary according to the substrate, please verify your substrate in advance.


More vivid images with white ink

*Sample print on transparent acrylic

Pallid, sallow image due to colored/transparent substrate.

Original vivid image colors are displayed due to white ink layer underneath the image.


Clear ink adds more value to your prints

Glossy or matte finishing varnish with clear ink* realizes astounding and eye-catching effects on your prints. Depending on your design, you can add protective coating to protect surface or spot coating for design accents.
* Clear ink can only be used with LH-100 ink

JFXplus Series

Haptic effects with multi-layered print

By printing several layers of ink and/or gloss, your images will not only look more enticing but also will have a haptic feel that will satisfy your clients.


Print on rigid boards and roll media with the same machine

While printing on rigid substrates up to 50 mm thickness is standard, JFX plus also answers the demand of print service providers for hybrid printing on roll media. An optional roll unit is available that enhances productivity and efficiency by accommodating unattended printing of several or different jobs* enabling fast turnaround times.
* Each job is limited by the max. print size of JFX plus.


JFXplus Series

Environmentally friendly printing

Almost no VOCs are generated by UV curing print. In addition, diodes that are used for Mimaki's UV LED system feature a long lifetime and are using considerably less power than conventional UV lamps. Furthermore by using Mimaki's Eco-cartridge system, waste is reduced as the ink pack inside of the cartridge casing needs to be replaced.
* The post-curing unit employs a fluorescent UV tube lamp.


HeadOn-demand Piezo head
Print resolution300 × 600 dpi, 450 × 600 dpi, 600 × 600 dpi, 
600 × 1200 dpi,1200 × 1200 dpi
InkTypeLH-100 UV ink (C/M/Y/K/W/CL)
LF-140 UV ink (C/M/Y/K/Lc/Lm/W)
LF-200 UV ink (C/M/Y/K/W)
Capacity600 ml ink pack
Maximum print width (W) × (D) 1,602 × 3,100 mm
(63.1 × 122 ")
1,602 × 1,500 mm
(63.1 × 59.1 ")
With post-curing unit1,602 × 2,700 mm 
(63.1 × 106.3 ")
1,602 × 1,100 mm 
(63.1 × 43.3 ")
Print accuracyAbsolute accuracy± 0.3 mm (0.01 ") or ± 0.3% from specified print distance
Repeatability± 0.2 mm (0.01 ") or ± 0.1% from specified print distance
Perpendicularity± 0.5 mm / 500 mm (0.02 / 19.7 ")
Usable mediaSize (W×D)1,644 × 3,194 mm
(64.7 × 125.7 ")
1,644 × 1,594 mm
(64.7 × 62.8 ")
ThicknessMax. 50 mm (2 ")
WeightLess than 50 kg (110.2 lbs.)
(when the media is loaded evenly)
Media tableAir suction by vacuum
Vacuum areaVertically divided into 4 zonesVertically divided into 2 zones
UV unit Equipped with UV Light Emitting Diodes
Lifetime *1About 10,000 hours
Post-curing unitUV unitEquipped with fluorescent UV tube lamp *2
Lifetime *1About 1,000 hours *3
Power specifications1-phase : AC 200 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz,
(power from main unit)
Power consumptionLess than 400 VA
Dimensions / Weight
(W) × (D) × (H)
1,980 mm × 185 mm × 300 mm / 13 kg
(78 × 7.3 × 11.8 " / 28.7 lbs.)
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Applicable standardVCCI class A, CE Marking, CB Report, UL, RoHS Directive
Power specificationsAC 200 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionLess than 2.0 kVA
Operational environmentTemperature15 – 30 °C (59 – 86 °F)
Humidity35 – 65 %Rh
Temperature accuracy18 – 25 °C (64.4 – 77 °F)
Temperature gradientLess than ± 10 °C/h (18 °F)
DustEquivalent to normal office level
Dimensions (W) × (D) × (H)4,200 × 4,300 × 1,600 mm
(165.4 × 169.3 × 63 ")
4,200 × 2,620 × 1,600 mm
(165.4 × 103.1 × 63 ")
Weight1,613 kg (3,556 lbs.)1,313 kg (2,894.6 lbs.)

*1 Reference value. There is no guarantee as to the lifetime.
*2 Post-curing unit is equipped with 3 fluorescent UV tube lamps in one set.
*3 After about 1,000 hours of usage illumination level declines by about 20%.
・Inks would not be cured when printing speed is faster than that of draft mode.

  • All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Some of the screens and printing samples in this website are artificial renderings.
  • Inkjet printers print using extremely fine dots, thus colors may vary slightly following replacement of the printing heads. Also note that if using multiple printer units, colors may vary slightly among the units due to slight individual differences among the units.
	Inks and substrates
·Please note that properties and adhesion, weather resistance etc. of ink and substrates can vary. Therefore please test materials before printing.
·Some substrates require primer before printing. Please test materials beforehand or ask your sales representative.

Safety notice
You are dealing with UV light sources that may harm your health.
Please follow below guidelines strictly:
・Do not look directly into the UV light source nor place your hand, or expose your skin directly to the UV light source.
・Depending upon print mode, there might occur some VOC emittance from printed parts not yet cured and hardened.
・ In addition, please read the instructions and guidelines of the manual carefully and follow those.

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