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MIMAKI JF 1631 Flatbed Inkjet Printer
MIMAKI JF 1631 Flatbed Inkjet Printer

MIMAKI JF 1631 Flatbed Inkjet Printer

Part Number:MIMAKI JF 1631
High quality, direct digital printing on large uncoated substrates up to 1.6m x 3.2m (5’ x 10’). JF series delivers a new level of productivity.
JF Series is the large format, UV-curable inkjet printer with the versatility to print on numerous uncoated substrates including corrugated plastics, acrylics and uneven or irregular materials. With a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, JF Series is suitable for Sign and POP display graphics for both long and close viewing distances. Using the standard white ink, JF Series can print bright, vibrant color even on transparent and colored media. With the newly developed clear liquid, you can achieve a high-gloss finish while also improving color-fastness. JF Series is equipped with dual UV lamps, enabling high speed, bidirectional printing. It is a dynamic printer with functions to maximize true flatbed platform advantages. We are pleased to add the new capabilities of flatbed printers to the large format graphics field.


1,200 x 1,200dpi with 7 different dot sizez, delivers high quality prints
The highest resolution of 1,200dpi and the variable dot technology (7 different dot sizes) realize near photographic image quality.
Even 4-color mode realizes a non-grainy print. With a minimum dot size of 6pl.,sharp edges of small texts and smoth skin tones can be created.
With 6 colors plus white and clear, beauty and brightness of the colors will drastically change.
White Ink
By using white ink, more vivid images and sharper color contrast can be achieved
[ Sample prints on transparent aclylics ]
6 colors Only 6 colors + white ink
Without white ink as a basis for overprinting,
the colors are not vivid
 With the white ink overlay print, 
the images are bright and vivid
Clear Coat
By using a clear coat or vanish,you can get a high-glossy finish
Beauty of colors is enhanced and color-fastness is also improved.
6 colors only 6 colors + Clear Coat
UV-curable ink used for a wide variety of materials.
With UV technology,the inks are cured (dried) on the printer.
Prints can be made on uncoated substrates and the prints can be handled immediately.
 UV-curable ink used for a wide variety of materials.


Superior image quality and printing speeds compared to comparable printers


Dual UV lamps
JF series has UV lamps installed on both sides of the carriage, allowing higher production speeds with bidirectional printing. This helps contribute to the machine's high productivity.
 Dual UV lamps


 Print speed
(600x600dpi & 1,200x1,200dpi, 4-color mode & 6/8-color mode)unit:m2/hr.
 4-color mode
6/8-color mode
4pass Hi18.419817.5188----
8pass Hi10.11099.81055.8625.660
16pass Hi5.2565.0542.7292.628
16pass Hi5.1555.0542.7292.527


RasterLink IP III
High performance software RIP helps you utilize the various functions of the JF series
16 bit rendering eliminates tone jump and produces fine color reproduction.
Different images can be laid out freely on the RIP.
Versatile editing functions such as tiling, trimming, scaling and rotating are provided.
Able to network in environments where Windows and Macintosh co-exist.
 RasterLink IP III
8 bit rendering8 bit rendering 16 bit rendering16 bit rendering

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