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About Us

Our Mission
Helping the customer to fill their equipment needs & to help them implement proven workflow solutions so that they are productive and profitable. Selling later, nicer, newer equipment. Then offering service support after the sell. 

Our Business History 
Back in 1982 two service guys started in the basement of a home. They took their technical abilities and true concern for helping the customer and developed Printers & Duplicator Service into one of the leaders of selling and supporting a wide variety of printing and bindery equipment.

 What makes us unique. . . 
"Trust" We want you as a customer for the long haul. We know that in order for you to think of us first we must stand out above the rest. We're "intentional" about building customer trust. 

 About our staff 
Mike Weist and Bill Lydick are the founders, but the real heart of PDS Inc. is the team of people in Customer Service: Brian, Steve, Doug, Andy, Monte, Eric, Bruce, Trevor, David, Jon, Darrin, Shannon, Mary, Rob, Michael, Keith & Marcel.

What our loyal customers say!

Hey Steve!

I just wanted to brag about your tech guy, Eric. He was super patient with me and I feel very confident with my machine because of the training. I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the way your company does business. Y’all are very professional and super helpful, and that is very hard to come by these days. Feel free to use me as a reference for anyone considering purchasing a machine. I hope to stay in touch and let you guys know how I’m doing in the future with my business. And just so you know, you sold me and Ben on that piece of bread at the trade show!

Thanks again,

Hey Brian, I just wanted to shoot you an email thanking yall for always taking care of us. Your customer service always makes us feel like a priority customer. Mike did a great job today and left us all set up. Thanks again . . Clark

Kudos times 10 to Trevor for hanging in there and resolving the issues...

As always, the team at PDS did a wonderful job of responding to our equipment needs... Denise

Steve, just wanted to say you have a awesome crew and I am happy to be doing business with you. Eric was awesome and we enjoyed getting to know him... Brad

Trevor is amazing! And we love our new Mimaki! ... Lisa

Thanks very much for scheduling Eric to assist us with our issues with the Mimaki printer.  He was prompt, knowledgeable, professional and considerate in getting the job done.  Eric is a great representation for PDS, and as you already know, building relationships with our vendors is of utmost importance to us.   We liked him so much, he is now an adopted member of our "family!"  While we hope that we don't have additional problems for a long time to come, his face will always be a welcome sight at our door.